Our Sunday morning service follows the Lutheran liturgy as found in the hymnal Evangelical Lutheran Worship or ELW for short. Accompaniment is provided by our pipe organ and the Chancel Choir sings weekly at the 9:00a.m. service. The traditional service is held at 9:00a.m. every Sunday with Holy communion every Sunday throughout the year. Communion at this service is wine or grape juice by the glass, with wafers as the bread.
     We invite to to join us for “Hospitality & Fellowship Time” from 10:15-10:45a.m. every Sunday in the narthex where you may enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or juice, as well as a snack. This is a great opportunity to share some fellowship time with guests and other members of our congregation. If you are a guest this is a great time for you to get to know us, and for us to get to know you.
Information about our congregation may be found on the “Welcome Table” in the narthex.
Come as you are! Become a new person in Christ!!!